Elevate Your Mind

Elevate Your Mind

Ever been to a city with skyscrapers? Being on the sidewalk walking between those big buildings can be fun but it can also be kind of daunting! They sometimes sway in the wind and with the hustle and bustle of the thousands of people, traffic, solicitors a simple trip downtown become quite overwhelming! Have you ever had a feeling like this in life? You know it is supposed to be fun and dandy but all too often you end up overwhelmed and frustrated?

Maybe it is time for a perspective change. See, those building look huge from the street level, but have you ever looked down on them from a plane? They are so tiny you can barely tell they are buildings. They don’t matter to you as much as they did when you were on the street and you for sure are not intimidated by them.  If you are dealing with something that seems BIG in your life and you don’t know how you are going to get past it, ask God to elevate your perspective. Spend some time with him so you can look down on your problem from his view. The issue won’t seem so big because you will be able to see that God is bigger.



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