Rise Up Conference 2017 – Cancelled

Rise Up Conference 2017 - Cancelled

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Restoring Royalty’s RISE UP Conferences are more than just events. They are encounters where young women learn about positive self worth, spiritual growth, and personal development. Each year’s conference is packed with workshops, musicals guests, games, giveaways, and dynamic speakers.

This year’s RISE UP theme centers around the biblical story of Esther – a young woman who rose against the odds, walked by faith, and risked her own life to save her people from annihilation.

Our hope is that your girls will experience an awakening within their soul, being reminded of God’s love and sovereignty in all circumstances — and that they will be inspired to courageously live by faith in a world where uncertainty, self-destruction, and fear are the norm.

We are the new normal.
And we will RISE UP.


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